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Freikorps + Turkish Stickpins ?

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Black Dudley
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Postby Black Dudley » 09 Nov 2012 18:04

Bought these two stick-pins in a South German second-hand shop. Round one measures 16mm, hexagonal one 17mm across flats. The skull and cross bones piece with K.C.L. initials is a puzzle, maybe a Freikorps pin ? I don't know.The hexagonal pin has to my eyes a eastern design - Turkish perhaps. Any information welcome
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John G.
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Postby John G. » 10 Nov 2012 12:22

Black Dudley,
Nice stickpins...vintage will be difficult to "prove" unless someone knows for sure....I'd say both are probably German organizations.... the "Flames" is similiar to some "WHW" early style designs, the prewar "Democrat Jugend" Organization, or it might have some "nitetime Bon-fire festival" meaning (guessing).....but nice quality enamel.

The Skull pin is also unknown....obvious "K.C.L." are the initials for something....however, I don't believe it has anything to do with "Freikorps"....(maybe, but I doubt it myself)....however, appears to also be good quality enamel- but with a more simplified pin....

Neither is listed in "HANDBUCK DER ABZEICHEN DEUTSCHER ORGANISATIONEN 1871-1945" by Heering & Husken which is "pretty complete".....

I'd also ask over at the WAF (and anywhere else you're able)....someone should recognize these. I'd certianly keep both at least until they are properly IDed, both have great "display potential" and obvious collector interest, no matter what they turn out to be....
John G.

Black Dudley
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Postby Black Dudley » 14 Nov 2012 10:54

Hello John,
Thanks for the post. I too looked through Hüskens handbook didn't find them. I'll take your advise and place them on other forums, one with a well supported section small badges section. They may strike a cord with a small badge collector. Again thanks for the help.
Best Wishes

Tosun Saral
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Postby Tosun Saral » 19 Apr 2013 10:12

stickpins are not Turkish. :(

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