Did Polish Calvary charge German Panzers with lances?

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Postby gebhk » 21 Jan 2017 13:51

Nickdfresh wrote: some Polish cav fought dismounted using said antitank rifles...

Please don't be offended Nickdfresh, but the point is perhaps, that with very few, statistically invisible exceptions, Polish cavalry always fought dismounted. Put another way, with the exception of heavy weapon's platoons, every platoon of 18 Polish cavalrymen had an anti tank rifle at their disposal. Given that, why on earth would they chose to attack tanks with lances?

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Re: Did Polish Calvary charge German Panzers with lances?

Postby Stephan » 04 Feb 2017 12:34

gebhk wrote:Ah, hence my confusion. This is not a wz 35 anti-tank rifle, but a 19th century Prussian hunting gun (an 'elephant gun', if you will). The photo is one of a series taken by a commission experimenting with various methods of transporting the wz 35 anti tank rifle. For reasons of security, the wz 35 was substituted with the hunting gun, which was of similar weight, dimensions and shape. The item on the rider's back is a carrying yoke, one of several different gizmo's tried. As the commission's report was not published until 31.8.1939, it's conclusions were never put into practice.

Your point, however, is well made. Why would anyone attack a tank with a lance when you have effective anti-tank weapons available?

Good catch. So we wont even mention what the horse soldier bears at his side, is a spade. As made to dug personnal trenches with, and in a pinch, excellent to fight with, as good as many an battle-axes...

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Re: Did Polish Calvary charge German Panzers with lances?

Postby Stiltzkin » 13 Feb 2017 16:58

During the Napoleonic times and American civil war, dragoons/light cav could dismount and either form a line or enter house fighting, then remount. They were also used as scouts.
All videos featuring cav with sabers and lances during WW2 are news reel propaganda material, this demonsrates how far the average layman is distanced from understanding actual combat.
They sometimes trained like that because of traditions, spirit and for the mere training effect.

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Re: Did Polish Calvary charge German Panzers with lances?

Postby wm » 15 Feb 2017 19:05

The no-sabers is maybe too far. The trained with sabers extensively, they was their bayonets. But dismounted they left them behind.
I think Soviet cavalry attacked with sabers a few times, when it was justified tactically, and thanks to their speed and the element of surprise with great results.

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