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RAF benheims with the Free French in Africa

Discussions on all aspects of France during the Inter-War era and Second World War.

RAF benheims with the Free French in Africa

Postby ebocrew on 11 Jan 2013 18:54

Hi, A late second cousin of mine, born 1916; Joined RAF 18 Blenheim Squadron 1939, was posted to North Africa to 45! Squadron in August 1941 ( I have his log book showing missions and aircraft numbers). However, family 'lore' says that at some stage he flew with the Free French; a place called Gambut is mentioned, but no mention of any French connection. He left the Airforce in the early 70s as GP Capt DFC Croix de Guere avec Palm!

Any info would be appreciated; oh! his name was Arthur Hughes.
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Re: RAF benheims with the Free French in Africa

Postby phylo_roadking on 12 Jan 2013 21:39

There seems to be quite a lot on the Free French' use of Bristol Blenheims... ... 80&bih=701

But specifically take a look at this - ... air-force/

The "Lorraine Squadron" might be what you're looking for - ... raine.html
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Re: RAF benheims with the Free French in Africa

Postby Prosper Vandenbroucke on 13 Jan 2013 11:59

Maybe is there a link with the "groupe réservé de bombardement n° 1 (ou G.R.B.1)" which was renamed "Groupe Lorraine".
This bombardemnt group was flying on Blenheim aircraft in 1941 and the begining of 1942. Later on Glenn Martin and Boston aircraft. I did'nt found the name of Athur Hughes into the list of the FAFL (Forces Aériennes Françaises Libre) but that is normal because he was in the R.A.F.
Gambut is in Lybia, between Bardia and Tobruk.
Here are some links (sorry it's in french language ... e-fafl.php ... rraine.php
http://militaires-d-hier.forumgratuit.o ... t-lorraine
Kindly regards from Belgium and sorry for my poor english
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