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Questions regarding my Mgz34 tin.

Discussions on the equipment used by the Axis forces, apart from the things covered in the other sections.
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Questions regarding my Mgz34 tin.

Postby Tommygunn on 23 Feb 2013 08:22

I've started stripping what I believe to be Norwegian green paint off of the outside of my MGZ34 optic tin and as could be seen by the underlying paint ridges there is not a lot of the original paint.
Anyway, what interested me was what was going on on the inside and whether I should make a replica part.

The inside is missing the wood block, the part I'm considering replicating, which I presume is there to hold a brush. The paint immediately behind where it should be is Dunkelgrau, like the rest of the inside. Out of curiosity I also removed the main wood block and behind that you can see what I presume to be Olive Grün.
Therefore, I was wondering that since the main wood block has been oversprayed with Dunkelgrau like the rest of the tin, and shows a line where the missing block should butt against it, does it stand to reason that it was removed and Dunkelgrau'd during the war.

I also noticed that the screw hole depression in the tin, for the missing wood block, has Norwegian green paint in it so presumably the wood block had gone and the grey paint job done before the Norwegians got their hands on it?

Your thoughts,




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