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Unknown dagger on ebay

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Postby chip » 06 Jul 2004 22:03

Just seen this dagger on ebay, has anyone seen anything like this before?
I'm pretty sure it's a fantasy peice but maybe someone else can prove me wrong. It looks like a well made item though, is the inscription supposed to show that it's a presentation item to hitler from the krupps steel works?
The thin swastikas on the stamped blade make it look extremely dodgy, i couldn't see anyone stamping anything like this on an original piece next to the manufacturers stamp, they just look out of place.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 01069&rd=1

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Rich Yankowski
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Postby Rich Yankowski » 06 Jul 2004 22:26

I've never seen one like it,from what I can see!It's far too questionable for me to gamble on!The "FUHRER FABRIK KRUPP" 1943 part shows a very sloppy job of soldering in my opinion.I don't think a presentation piece for Hitler would show such sloppy work.
I'm sure Hitler was presented with many 'one-of-a-kind' daggers,most of which have never been discussed in print,but I doubt this one was one of them.I could be wrong however! :wink:

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Postby UVOX1 » 29 Oct 2005 17:24

hello ive just returned from holiday and i purchased a dagger with the inscription above,with swaztikas either side on the blade,it sounds exactely the same as what the original question was,the gentleman i purchased it from had 1 more and said they were genuine,my one is gold in colour with scabbard,on the handle is a swaztika either side and one on the pommel,
can u please tell me anything u can

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Frederick Prinz
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Postby Frederick Prinz » 30 Oct 2005 18:28

It seems that the item was pulled. But the ones that I have seen with the same general description without exception were postwar fakes. Anybody capture an image for comparison purposes? FP

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Frederick Prinz
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Postby Frederick Prinz » 10 Nov 2005 20:40

Chip, If this is the dagger that you were referring to it is a postwar “fantasy” piece made to fool the unwary. I think that it’s a little different than a couple of others that I have seen being a slight variation on a theme. Regards, FP
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Postby at6 » 16 Dec 2006 15:04


I saw a similar dagger in the Naschmarkt (a flea market) In Vienna, today. scabbard was same, exact same description/dedication, blade had an inlaid eagle and swastika. red washer under hand guard. dagger handle was mock ivory. I though I had spotted, from a distance, a diplomatic dagger at first, from the handle

guy wanted euro 300 for it

same seller had an RAD for sale a few months back. beading ion scabbard was hit and miss, grips would not come off, and makers mark was very uneven in it engraving

where have all the good pieces gone?

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