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1914 Galacia

Discussions on all aspects of Austria-Hungary.
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1914 Galacia

Postby cj on 28 Jun 2006 23:53

Does anyone know anything about the Battles of Krasnik, Komarow and Limanova-Lapanov? I know they occured in 1914, Krasnik and Komarow were between the first and second encirclements of Przemysl, and Limanova-Lapanov was after the second encirclement but before the surrender. Thats all I really know about these important battles, so please help me out, I can't find anything.
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Postby cstunts on 06 Sep 2006 03:14


I do not claim to be an expert, but have done a little research along these lines in the pursuit of information on the great Austrian poet Georg Trakl (1887-1914), who was a participant in some of these actions as a member of the Austro-Hungarian forces. He was mobilized out of Salzburg or Innsbruck, in mid-August, assigned to "Feldspital 7/14" [part of Gen Rudolf von Brudermann's Third Army; Brudermann replaced around 9/5 or 9/11 by the Croat general Boroevic] by early September, and between the 8th & 11th of that month near Grodek ...Trakl's movements were Grodek>Przemysl>Limanowa>Mosciska(?)>Wadowice>Cracau (where he perished)
Some good accounts are in Holger H. Herwig's FIRST WORLD WAR (1997), Norman Stone's THE EASTERN FRONT 1914-1917 (1975) Gunther Rothenburg's THE ARMY OF FRANCIS JOSEPH (1976), and two old texts, WITH THE AUSTRIAN ARMY IN GALICIA by Octavian C. Taslauanu (1918) --which is superb--and a good photographic record, NACH OSTEN by Sven Hedin (1916)
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Russian Front Battles

Postby agblume on 07 Sep 2006 16:44

Hello cj, Please visit and use the Index and/or the Search mechanism to find some details about the battles you have an interest in. Cheers, agblume
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Postby crapouillot on 13 Sep 2006 12:07

Try : you can find some books on the Galicia Battle, in russian....but you can translate russian to english, german or french with web translator like .
And simply, you will find too maps of this books (a few very good !!).
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