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Korndorfer Lookups

Discussions on all aspects of the SS and Polizei.
Long-time forum member and moderator Phil Nix (1938 - 2013) generously shared his knowledge and the results of his impressive research with the forum, and this section has therefore been renamed in his honour.
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Korndorfer Lookups

Postby wacky on 10 Apr 2005 18:48

I knew that I had one member of the SS, Karl Rudolph Korndorfer, in my family. Now on a website of Gerard Verhoef , I found two more Korndorfers listed as members of the SS. I have no knowledge of them and they are not on my branch of the Korndoerfer family tree. Is there a site I can go to and look up the names or can anyone help. Their names are Hans Korndorfer and Werner Korndorfer.
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Re: Korndorfer Lookups

Postby wckkorn on 02 Nov 2009 02:55


I am new to this site. I am also researching the Korndorfer Family. I have files on 11 Korndorfers in the SS including Karl Rudolph Korndorfer. Please contact me at

Thanks Walter Korndoerfer
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Re: Korndorfer Lookups

Postby freddiefro on 02 Nov 2009 12:05

Werner Korndörfer (geb. 07.03.1917 in Schönberg / Brambach; SS Nr. 289 206) had the rank of SS-Untersturmführer and attached to 13./T.I.R.3 when he was killed in action 06.07.1941 in Sebesh.

- Fred
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Re: Korndorfer Lookups

Postby Phil Nix on 02 Nov 2009 13:22

Here is another;- Rudolf Körndörfer born 20.6.06 \Party Nr 1918161 SS Nr 107409 Jiuined SS as SS Osf 9.11.38 Hsf 30.1.39 Beim SD Hauptamt
Phil Nix
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Re: Korndorfer Lookups

Postby Mikedc on 03 Nov 2009 11:46

The Rudolf Korndörfer Phil is mentioning was also SS-Sturmbannführer and Regierungsrat in 1943.
From 5-43 till 9-43 he was CO from Einsatzkommando 11a with Einsatzgruppe E.

And I also did found another one.
Hans Korndörfer
Arzt within the Staff from I. Bataillon with SS-Infanterie-Regiment 'Deutschland' in 7-42

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