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Polizei vehicle licence plates

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Postby gerardkenny » 04 Feb 2013 20:32

This is a long shot but I am wondering if anyone has any information on WW2 German Polizei vehicle licence plates ?

I am looking for the Polizei equivalent of this site :

http://www.wwiidaybyday.com/emblems/num ... cense1.htm

Where the licence plate number ranges are listed in order of origin, or even better, unit/groupings dates or locations etc. If anyone has any information on this topic please let me know.


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Postby keorn » 13 Feb 2013 18:40

Dia Duit Gerard !

I have a picture of a Sipo-SD Vehicle (KDS Lille, Northern France). It has a full licence plate and reads POL-47895

Talk soon

Slan, Greg

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Piotr Mikołajski
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Postby Piotr Mikołajski » 22 Feb 2013 01:45

gerardkenny wrote:Where the licence plate number ranges are listed in order of origin, or even better, unit/groupings dates or locations etc.

There were blocks of numbers assigned to different operators, mainly for police units in regions. For example East Prussia had three regions (Regierungs) with seats in Königsberg, Gumbinnen and Allenstein. After 1920 fourth was incorporated into East Prussia with seat in Marienwerder. All four had different blocks of Pol- registrations:

- Königsberg: 2001-2100, 9501-9700, 22701-22800, 28001-28200, 77401-77700, 96301-96800;
- Gumbinnen: 2101-2200, 22101-22300, 59001-59300, 82301-82600;
- Allenstein: 2201-2300, 44301-44400, 153501-154000;
- Marienwerder: 2301-2400, 22801-22900.

As you may see initially first batch of 100 plates were asssigned to the all regions but later larger ones needed more numbers and had more blocks assigned. Unfortunately that's all what I have - just blocks of numbers assigned to regional governments. I'm afraid there are no known list of all operators within such blocks of numbers. For example: Pol-47895 plate mentioned above was placed in block 46001-48000 assigned to the Reichsführer-SS und Chef der Deutschen Polizei, Hauptamt Sicherheitspolizei and there are no more detailed data known to me.
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