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Bf 109T: folding wings?

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Postby Barrett » 14 Jul 2013 00:25

OK, I'm officially confused. William Green says the 109T had folding wings (outboard of the wing guns) though the flaps had to be removed beforehand. (What did THAT do to sortie rates?)

However, at least two other reputable sources including Marshall's tome on the T says the wings did not fold. Even with the 2-ft wider span, Graf Zep's elevators could accommodate the 11-m span.

Who ya gonna believe?

The fact that I've never seen/found a photo of a 109 with wings folded does not mean they didn't. NATURALLY one of the many things I never asked Gen. Steinhoff was what he remembered about the Toni in JG 77.

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Postby oaktree » 14 Jul 2013 00:46

First i have heard about the "T" folding wings.

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Postby phylo_roadking » 14 Jul 2013 02:05

Hi Barrett - what little I've got....buried away in a 109 profile originally from Aerospace Publishing in 2004 was that yes, the 60 T-2s (and the rebuilt ten T-1s) kept the extended folding wings and the high lift devices, just lost everything else "naval". Obviously the extra wingspan/surface area and the high-lift devices then made them good for short runways :D The few pics I've seen in print and online don't indeed include any with the wings folded...
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Postby Barrett » 14 Jul 2013 20:29

This just in from Christoph Kluxen:

There were 3 Versions

T-0 produced by Fieseler 7 prototypes

T-1 produced by Fieseler 70 aircraft

T-2 de-navalised T-1 --- means that all naval features were removed. when the first stop for GZ came, the T-1 were modified to T-2 and assigned to "Luftflotte 5" as fighter bomber. December 1941 order came to rebuild the T-2 to T-1 standard again as it was thought they would be needed for GZ.

T-0 and T-1 had folding wings so that width of a Bf-109 below deck was 4590mm. In T-2 this feature was deactivated, but still there.

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Postby ju55dk » 19 Jul 2013 11:56

I would put my money on Marshall's statement. No one has done such indeept research in the T-model.


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