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Gerhard von der Ahe (Himmler's adopted son)

Discussions on all aspects of the SS and Polizei.
Long-time forum member and moderator Phil Nix (1938 - 2013) generously shared his knowledge and the results of his impressive research with the forum, and this section has therefore been renamed in his honour.
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Gerhard von der Ahe (Himmler's adopted son)

Postby santopat67 on 06 Jun 2009 13:47

[Split from "wives and girlfriends of Third Reich officials"]

Does anyone know what happened to Himmler's adopted son - he was born Gerhard von der Ahe and was adopted when he was five. There's lots of references to what Himmlers wife and daughter did after the war but no mention of the adopted son.
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Re: Gerhard von der Ahe (Himmler's adopted son)

Postby csmyers12 on 23 Oct 2009 17:00

Gerhard von der Ahe was born July 21, 1928. His father was [probably] one Kurt von der Ahe (Scharfuhrer or squad leader) in the SS. Kurt was shot and killed in Berlin on Feb. 19, 1933. Of what happened to Gerhard, I have found out that at some point he had to leave school because of "unsatisfactory results". He joined the SS in Brno at 16 in early 1945 and shortly thereafter went "into battle". Presumably he was captured by the Russians, but was released at some point. Gebhard Ludwig Himmler (H. Himmler's older brother) told a journalist in 1966 that Gerhard later lived in north Germany.
So far as I know, Gerhard never took the last name of his adoptive parents- Heinrich pretty much ignored him. You can find out more about the Himmler family in the book The Himmler Brothers: A German Family History by Katrin Himmler.

I hope this helps.
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Re: Gerhard von der Ahe (Himmler's adopted son)

Postby Wildfire1953 on 20 May 2013 20:32

Gerhard von der Ahe was a close friend to my parents, i met him regularly as from my very young days until he passed away.
He was living in the city of Lübeck in North Germany, exactly in a suburb called "Kücknitz", where my parents and i lived as well. He worked from mid of the 50th until his retirement for a local newspaper called "Lübecker Nachrichten". As to my opinion he had an average midclass live. He was married to Annemie von der Ahe, they had no children, but they were very keen on dogs, which they treated like kids. I remember that he and his wife were very skilled on a German card game called "Skat", they both were club members and played on top level in the First German Skat league, as far as i know they both won a German championship, as crew and single players.
When me met he talked from time to time about his young days in the Third Reich, but honestly nobody took him very serious on this. Only later i realized that he was a legal son of Heinrich Himmler.
He peacefully died in a Nursery Home in Lübeck- Kücknitz, Solmitzstrasse, 2 years ago. His wife already died some 12/15 years ago. There are still some pictures available from him, in case of interest i can provide.

Hope this is of interest.
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Re: Gerhard von der Ahe (Himmler's adopted son)

Postby Annelie on 20 May 2013 21:03

Thankyou for sharing.

He lived a long and from what you say a good life. Its seems he didn't have to have
the repercussions of being the son of Himmler.
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Re: Gerhard von der Ahe (Himmler's adopted son)

Postby Max Williams on 21 May 2013 00:24

Wildfire1953 wrote:There are still some pictures available from him, in case of interest i can provide.

Hope this is of interest.

It is and thank you. Please post some photos.
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