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Question on 2. Panzer divison 's aufklarung abteilung

Discussions on all (non-biographical) aspects of the Freikorps, Reichswehr, Austrian Bundesheer, Heer, Waffen-SS and Volkssturm.
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Question on 2. Panzer divison 's aufklarung abteilung

Postby Kelvin on 10 Aug 2009 21:03

Hello, I need someone help on aufklarung abteilung of 2. Panzer division on June 1 1944 :

Did its first kompanie had six sdkfz 233 ( fifth platoon) and three sdkfz 232, two sdkfz 231, and one sdkfz 222 ( sixth zug) ? Stab kompanie had other Spahpanzerwagen ?

Did its third and fourth kompanie had four sdkfz 250/7 each instead of authorized two sdkfz 250/7 and two sdkfz 250/8 for each kompanie ?

Someone could help in clarify this ?
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Re: Question on 2. Panzer divison 's aufklarung abteilung

Postby Jan-Hendrik on 11 Aug 2009 06:59

What s so hard using simply one topc fr your questions aut one division ? :roll:

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