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From Südwestafrika to Stalingrad?

Discussions on all aspects of the German Colonies and Overseas Expeditions.
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From Südwestafrika to Stalingrad?

Postby Peter H on 27 Jul 2006 14:26

Is this correct? ... hies_S.htm

Schmidt, Arthur
* .1888
+ .1972

Arthur Schmidt was born in 1888. He joined the Schutztruppe für Deutsch-Südwestafrika in 1912 as lieutenant. After World War One he served in the Freikorps Eulenburg in Lithuania and Upper Silesia. From 1920 he served in the Bavarian Police. He was rejoined the German Army in the 1930s. He was a Lieutenant General in World War Two. He was a Bavarian Landtag deputy for the right-wing NPD after World War Two. He died in 1972.

Generalleutnant Schmidt was Chef Stab 6.Armee at Stalingrad 1942/43 but other sources give his lifespan as from 1895-1987.

Is this the same man?It can't be August Schmidt because he was Austrian.
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Peter H
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Postby Heimatschuss on 28 Jul 2006 13:57

Hello Andy,

looks like a confusion of names. spells the NPD parlamentarian "Artur Schmitt".

Arthur Schmidts career dates as provided by don't fit either.

Generalleutnant Arthur Schmidt
Born : 25 October 1895 - Hamburg - Germany
Died : 5 November 1987 - Karlsruhe - Germany

Military career
One year volunteer : 10 August 1914
Fahnenjunker : 1 November 1914
Fähnrich : 24 December 1914
Leutnant : 8 May 1915
Oberleutnant : 1 November 1923
Hauptmann : 1 July 1928
Major : 1 November 1934
Oberstleutnant : 1 August 1937
Oberst : 1 February 1940
Generalmajor : 1 June 1942
Generalleutnant : 17 January 1943

Second World War
Ia of the 5.Armee : 1 September 1939
Ia of Oberkommando Grenzabschnitt Mitte :
13 October 1939
Ia of the 18.Armee : 5 November 1939
Chief of Staff of the V. Armee Korps :
25 October 1940
Führereserve OKH : 24 April 1942
Chief of Staff of the 6. Armee : 15 May 1942
Surrendered to the Russians at Stalingrad on
31 January 1943
Awards won during World War 2 :
Knights Cross on 6 January 1943

Presumably various persons got amalgamated in the biographical entry you cited.

Best regards
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Postby Peter H on 29 Jul 2006 05:23


August Schmidt here as well:

http://www.ritterkreuztraeger-1939-45.d ... August.htm

Mike Miller's Axis Biographical Research website currently lacks data on Generalleutnant Arthur Schmidt.He's progressively updating from the old format?

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