Dutch Resistance and the OSS

Discussions on all aspects of the resistance in Europe during the WW2 and the immediate post-war period, against Nazi rule in Germany & the occupied counties as well as against the Allied forces.
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Dutch Resistance and the OSS

Postby Andy H » 21 Feb 2013 16:24


I hope this is of some interest:-
https://www.cia.gov/library/center-for- ... i5a07p.pdf


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Re: Dutch Resistance and the OSS

Postby phylo_roadking » 22 Feb 2013 02:00

Andy, that's a very interesting article...and yet as you know is somewhat incomplete without the whole aspect of Giskes' "Englandspiel" and the turning of the SOE-networked resistance groups. IIRC, MRD Foot's History of the SOE doesn't actually name which networks were "turned"...it's a pity that in the description of the various home-brewed/Dutch government-in-exile groups it doesn't mention the "Englandspiel" nor tell us if these groups were the "Royalist" ones that managed to stay out of the deception....is it safe to assume they were???

(LO was the group that the British refused to assist when the Germans planned to change Occupation and rationing documents for the entire Dutch population in mid-1943 IIRC...which would at a stroke have rendered all the plans and preparations that were feeding the Onderduikers and moving them around the country useless 8O The LO wanted British help in destroying the warehouses full of documentation prepared by the Germans for a swift "whole weekend" across the country of re-issuing new documentation - but in the end the LO took care of the problem themselves IIRC)
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Re: Dutch Resistance and the OSS

Postby A.C.E. van T. » 07 May 2013 20:47

Quit intresting.
Another aspect was that most families were large.
12 or 16 members war not unusual.
It's like an small intelligence agency.
Either you know somebody or you've heard about somebody in your vilage,town or disctrict and how he or she behaves.

Here is some (dutch)info about Jan van Bijnen
http://www.4en5mei.nl/herinneren/oorlog ... onument/96
http://www.geheugenvanapeldoorn.nl/#/ap ... an-bijnen/
http://www.geschiedenis24.nl/nieuws/200 ... aking.html

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