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ADM Mitsunobu Toyo

Discussions on all aspects of Italy under Fascism from the March on Rome to the end of the war.

ADM Mitsunobu Toyo

Postby HFK on 17 Mar 2011 03:01

Does anyone know under what circumstances RADM Mitsunobu Toyo was killed in June 1944? Was he killed by the Germans or partisans ? Thanks in advance, Harry
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Re: ADM Mitsunobu Toyo

Postby Valerio on 17 Mar 2011 13:50

Hi, Harry!
The matter of the Mitsunobu Toyo's death is really mysterious...
He was killed by partisans (exactly, by the "XI Zona Patrioti" unit that was in command of Manrico "Pippo" Ducceschi).
He was in Italy for a diplomatic mission on behalf of the Japanese government. However, I enclose a very interesting link:

Ciao, :)
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