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waffen-ss and fallschirmjager training

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stg 44
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Postby stg 44 » 06 Dec 2002 20:09

What was the training period that these units went through? What was the ciriculum (sp?) that they had? How tough was the training? Anything would be appreciated. Also, please include both late and early war.

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Oberst Mihael
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Postby Oberst Mihael » 06 Dec 2002 20:46

Bad Tölz! 8)

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Postby wotan » 07 Dec 2002 20:03

Well, from what I have read of books covering training it was remarkable tough. Not so much physical but more in the direction of preparing the grunts for real action. They used live ammunition during training and casualties were common. One book covers the subject, "Soldaten", but its with regular army training, no ss.

I've read about soldiers who were punished during training who got a grenade placed on his helmet. If he moved the grenade would fall off and kill him. Nice..

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Bad Tolz
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Postby Bad Tolz » 10 Dec 2002 06:57

Waffen SS training was quite different to Wehrmacht.What the seniors put together was men of outstanding athletic ability-and being athletic was very strongly emphasised during training-be it sport-or more military orientated-the Waffen SS soldier was turned into an outstanding athelete with phenomenal fitness.
FYI they did very well in field/track events.
Military wise,yes,it was very realistic.Live ammunition used-every effort was made to make situation be very same to battlefield-so they became accustomed quicker-became normal.But difference was,even through such harsh training-afterwards-men were not belittled,put down continuously-like you see in movie "full metal jacket".They ate together decently and were talked to decently by superiors-they in fact had good relationships with superiors and this was encouraged.All this created great great warrior spirit,and unity-a community.This showed,as war progressed-majority of even Waffen SS men could not give damn for Hitler-but continued to fight with great courage and determination.Why?unit pride and idea of fighting for themselves and each other and to be professional.Very important and strong elements of Waffen SS phsyche.

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Birgitte Heuschkel
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Postby Birgitte Heuschkel » 10 Dec 2002 09:13

wotan wrote:I've read about soldiers who were punished during training who got a grenade placed on his helmet. If he moved the grenade would fall off and kill him. Nice..

To my knowledge, that one is an urban legend.

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