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SS-Polizei-Regiment Bozen (typo)

Corrections and additions to the material posted on the Axis History Factbook.

SS-Polizei-Regiment Bozen (typo)

Postby K.Kocjancic on 29 Jun 2007 20:57

SS-Polizei-Regiment Bozen was formed Oct 1943 in Italy as SS-Polizei-Regiment Südtirol but was soon renamed to Bozen. It was stationed in Italy until the end of the war and was used to fight the partisans.

III./SS-Polizei Regiment Bozen was stationed in Rome when it shot 270 civilians in responce to the ambush that killed 7 of its men. The partisans killed 32 more in an attack the day after and III./SS-Polizei Regiment Bozen killed 328 civilians and partisans in revenge.

Oberst der Schutzpolizei Alois Menschik

Order of battle

I./SS-Polizei Regiment Bozen

II./SS-Polizei Regiment Bozen

III./SS-Polizei Regiment Bozen

Polizei Ersatz Bataillon Bozen

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Postby Marcus Wendel on 04 Jul 2007 18:42

Thanks, but it's "response" ;-)

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