Besetzt watch factory numbers?

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Besetzt watch factory numbers?

Postby Dienstuhr » 26 Jan 2013 02:54

For years I have had difficulty finding accurate information about the numbers assigned to besetzt watch factories. I have found lackluster lists in different locations; but, never any comprehensive data.
1. If there is a reliable list I would love to know who has it in print.
2. If there is not, I would appreciate any documentary sources from the appropriate reich offices that are known.
3. If you have a number only identification watch, photos of the dial, case and the dial side and plate side of the movement would be appreciated. If you do not know who produced the watch I will return the civilian factory/ brand name to you and try to narrow down the movement within a few model numbers. If you include a measurement across the dial side in mm I can get down to almost the exact movement within variation. The dial will have to be removed and I wouldn't attempt it without experience in watch repair.

If this turns into a published work, I will identify collectors as contributors, if they wish. I'm more interested in putting the pseudoscience of Nazi horology to bed than gaining notoriety in the matter. I will release any results to the NAWCC and other interested parties for archival use whether the research is published or not.

This includes wrist and pocket watches, clocks, timers, and other horology related timing devices with factory serial number designators as their manufacturer in place of the besetzt factory name. By besetzt I mean occupied if your Deutsch is rusty.

Thanks for any aid in advance and you're welcome to any aid I can render.

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