Question about German Binoculars and case - History?

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Question about German Binoculars and case - History?

Post by Hudsonhacker » 23 Feb 2013 14:51

I have been searching for some info on some binoculars i have. They are Dienstglas 6x30. My questions are:

1) Any idea of year of manuacture based on the serial # 131504
2) Is the case time appropriate? Trying to determine i it is the original case
3) The case is marked with what appears to be the owner's name:
Otto Koberstein
Landsberg a.W.
Any idea what the above refers to?
4) The case seems to also have the markings of a bird, with the numbers 6494 underneath. Hard to read these, so not sure if this is accurate.

Let's see if the photos re small enough to add: no!

I have uploaded pictures to photobucket i it helps. ... binoculars

any help appreciated

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Re: Question about German Binoculars and case - History?

Post by John G. » 24 Feb 2013 12:22

Binoculars and case are German WW 2......the Case appears earlier than the binoculars.....but that wouldn't be unusual.....There is a detailed list of German Binoculars, types, numbers, dates, etc. under the "other equipment" listing.....that will answere your questions.

The markings on the case is the maker and year of manurfacture.....the small markings are "waffampts" which are more or less "inspectors" marks.....the binoculars are painted "Odnance tan" (usually called "Afrika Korps tan")....which didn't become common paint for equipment until mid-war....that's why the Binocs probably didn't originally come in this case....but it's possible....the serial #s will tell you that. These 6x30 binoculars are "very common" condition, optics, and "completeness" make a big differance.....

Check the "other Equipment" thread....your answeres are there...
John G.

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Re: Question about German Binoculars and case - History?

Post by Koby » 07 Apr 2019 05:25

I’m many years late to reply! But just in case you still peruse this board... Otto Koberstein owned a leather factory in Landsberg am der Warthe. They made many items, especially before and during WWI. They made saddles, scabbards, cases.

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