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Re: SiPo Stahlrute

Post by Helmut0815 » 21 Sep 2022 17:38

Pickle wrote:
20 Sep 2022 15:43
Hans1906 wrote:
16 Sep 2022 16:05
This weapon is not illegal in Germany, but will be confiscated, if found by the police.
The German police have authority to confiscate something that's NOT illegal? This makes no sense to me... Such a confiscation would be illegal in USA under the 4th Amendment (unreasonable search and seizure) unless one is actually using the object/weapon in question to commit a crime.
A steelrod (Stahlrute) with a flexible spring as depicted above is an illegal weapon in Germany (up to 3 years prison) whereas the purchase and posession of a baton made of steel or aluminium tubes (Teleskopschlagstock) is legal. The latter may be carried in the public except events like fairs or in a football stadium.



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Re: SiPo Stahlrute

Post by Pickle » 23 Sep 2022 17:22

Thanks for the clarification, Helmut.

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Re: SiPo Stahlrute

Post by Hans1906 » 01 Oct 2022 14:03

Hi Pickle,

German law prohibits carrying any knife with a blade length of more than 10 centimeters.
Personally, I always have a Swiss "officer's knife" with me that complies with the legal requirements, that's legal.


In an American "area/installation" here in Germany, you will be denied access even with such a pocket knife, I have experienced myself.
They won't let you in, the fear of terrorist attacks is omnipresent.
It may be amusing, but the American MP military police make no exceptions, never.

The American MP collects everything that could be somehow dangerous and at the same time they oil their nuclear weapons to defend us against the "evil".
You grab that by the German head, or you get drunk at the Oktoberfest with your head in the sand!

„Im Leben gibt’s die Bösen und die Guten. Und die dazwischen, das sind die Bagaluten.“

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