K98 bayonet - Some questions

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K98 bayonet - Some questions

Post by AusA380 » 25 Feb 2018 04:53


I've recently acquired a K98 bayonet at a military fair and was wanting to find out some information on it. The bayonet and scabbard are marked with the same numbers with what looks to be a Y or a G stamped underneath (See photo). Does anyone know what this marking means?

On the other side of the bayonet and scabbard, it is marked '43 CVL or CUL', which I take as it was made in 1943 and made by Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. of Solingen.

Also wanting to know a bit about the wood grips on this one - I was under the impression the K98 bayonets had bakelite grips with diagonal lines marked on them and not regular wooden grips.

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