SS-NORD canteen.

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SS-NORD canteen.

Post by SALLA AREA » 10 Aug 2018 12:47

I found a can of RMZ SS 46/38 stamps from the ground. As I know, collectors do not have the same bottle. What is the value for it? It's not for sale. The capsule is in poor condition otherwise the bottle is almost perfect.

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John G.
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Re: SS-NORD canteen.

Post by John G. » 10 Aug 2018 15:29

Pre-war SS issued Canteen bottles/screw caps, & mess kits are found with RZM SS markings..... so that isn't all that unusual. Examples in excellent condition can be quite pricey.... ground recovered much less so. All depends on what the condition is, any history (where found, units involved, etc.), and the buyer and seller. No big value IMHO,
but the SS markings do make it better than a regular dug relic. Pictures would help....
John G.

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