C.G. Haenel Suhl 1898/05 butcher blade

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C.G. Haenel Suhl 1898/05 butcher blade

Post by Jonathan Pollack » 17 Mar 2019 04:53

Hello All,

I have just picked up a bayonet that I believe goes with the rifle that is similar to the one my Grandfather used in his time as a musketeer in 1917. The rifle is an Amberg 1898/05 made in 1917. I realize it's not the same year as the rifle but was told this is the one that would have been used.

The bayonet that I need some information about is an 1898/05 butcher blade, is marked on the spine a crown over a W, then 15, then a crown over an M. On the side of the blade is C.G. Haenel over the name Suhl. on the butt of the handle are two crowns with an M under each. The scabbard has WAFFENBRIK *, Mauser A.G., and OBERNDORFF a.N. * in three rows.

Thank you for any information you can give me.

(Once I figure out how to decrease the size of the photos I took I will add them.)

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Re: C.G. Haenel Suhl 1898/05 butcher blade

Post by Richie B » 17 Mar 2019 09:28

The bayonet you have is probably the most widely used German WW1 bayonet.

As I’m sure you know the “W” is for Wilhelm the Kaiser. The Crown/M marks are inspectors’ stamps.

If you want to be a 100% purist you would perhaps need a need a Bavarian made bayonet. These would have a “L” for Ludwig in place of the “W”. If I recall correctly some were made at the same Amberg Royal Bavarian arsenal as well as by some other makers.

The scabbard by Mauser would originally have been paired with a Mauser made bayonet. I think most other scabbard do not have manufacturer markings.

However, I don’t think that it is inappropriate to combine you rifle and bayonet.

More information on the bayonet here:-

http://www.old-smithy.info/bayonets/htn ... ations.htm

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