Is this SS badge genuine?

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Is this SS badge genuine?

Post by DavidS89 » 04 Aug 2019 00:54

Hello all, I was wondering if someone could tell me whether this SS Sieg Heil badge is likely to be authentic or not. Also, if anyone happens to know anything about this badge for example when it was produced and for what purpose, I would greatly appreciate your help. I am a new collector and this was my first purchase today.

Many thanks,
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Re: Is this SS badge genuine?

Post by John G. » 04 Aug 2019 01:08

This, unfortunately, is a total fantasy item. Sorry, but look at the extreme poor quality and workmanship.... No German craftsman would produce such low quality work. As a new collector, check out legit dealer sites to get a feel for original quality stuff and if possible post items before you buy them. This pin is really a joke and completely worthless. Also, avoid SS stuff until you have gained knowledge of what to look for.
Sorry, but this pin shouldn't have fooled anyone..... It's really bad!
John G.

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Re: Is this SS badge genuine?

Post by rlimike » 08 Aug 2019 16:25

As John stated..... it is defiantly a fantasy piece.

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Re: Is this SS badge genuine?

Post by Mark in Cleveland, Tn. » 26 Aug 2019 00:39

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