Kempka's capture

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Kempka's capture

Post by HistoryGal2019 » 11 Nov 2019 01:36

My sister found a photo, most likely taken by my father when he was stationed in Germany with the US Army. It is of Erich Kempka's capture. My Dad wrote "Hebertsfelden, Germany" on top, and "Hitler's chauffeur" on the bottom. Most accounts say Kempka was captured in Berchtesgaden, about 72 miles away. The photo has Klempka in the middle, scowling, in civilian clothes, his right arm tied to a US Constabulary soldier on his right, and an American soldier standing on his right, smoking. We thought the latter soldier was my Dad at first, but too many things seem like it's not him. However, my father's unit captured Klempka, so that's why I'm thinking Dad took the photo. But why the difference in location? That's my main question. Any helpful info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Kempka's capture

Post by Sid Guttridge » 11 Nov 2019 12:06

HI HG2019,

What did Kempka himself say?

Google gives the following:

"His memoirs first appeared in 1951 under the title Ich habe Adolf Hitler verbrannt (I cremated Adolf Hitler). In 1975, it was reissued with a foreword by author and former member of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler Erich Kern under the less sensationalist title Die letzten Tage mit Adolf Hitler (The Last Days with Adolf Hitler). An English edition of the book was published in 2010 by Frontline Books-Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., under the title I was Hitler's Chauffeur: The Memoirs of Erich Kempka, with an introduction by historian Roger Moorhouse."



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