HELP Identifying German WW1 Tags

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HELP Identifying German WW1 Tags

Post by CastFiddle744 » 06 Dec 2019 08:16

Hey, I have 2 Prussian m1915 German dog tags I need help identifying. Would like to know more about their units and history. I’ll list off what is exactly stamped on the tag from top of the tag to the bottom.

1st Tag (top to bottom)

Gustav Hennings

Kiel Gaard

29. 8. 88.

1. ERS. BATL. J.R.

2. K. NR. 1291

2. ERS. BATL. J.R.85 8.K.574

I.R. 410 8.K.NR.79

2nd Tag (top to bottom)

August Niemeyer

Kiel Prinz Heinrichst

3. 6. 76.

2. ERS. BATL. 85

6. K. NR. 175

I.R. 410 6.K.NR.193

This tag also has a stamped 52 to the top right corner, right under the “str” in Heinrichstr. Either it’s Heinrichstr or its Heinrich and a str. 52 because there is a stamped dot at the end of heinrichstr with 52 stamped below.

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Re: HELP Identifying German WW1 Tags

Post by Simon H » 06 Dec 2019 10:23

Gustav Hennings
His home address was Kiel Gaard,
born 29. 8. 1888.

1st Bataillon of Ersatz Bataillon Infanterie Regiment - His initial unit upon entering service, a replacement unit.
2nd Kompanie.
His personal roster nummer was 1291

THen he went to:
2nd Ersatz. Bataillon. Infanterie Regiment 85 8th Kompanie number 574

Infanterie Regiment 410, 8th Kompanie, number 79 - I.R. 410 8.K.NR.79

2nd Tag (top to bottom)
August Niemeyer
Home address, Kiel, Prinz Heinrich strasse
Born 3. 6. 1876.
2nd Ersatz. Bataillon. Infanterie Regiment 85 - 2. ERS. BATL. 85
6th Kompanie roster number 175 - 6. K. NR. 175

Infanterie Regiment 410, 6th Kompanie - I.R. 410 6.K.NR.193

Given their birth dates both were unlikely to have seen front line service in WW1. However, both men joined Infanterie Regiment 85 a link to this units history is below. Neither man was a casualty, wounded or otherwise during WW1: ... es)_Nr._85

Sorry, should actually say that both men ended up in the 410th Infanterie Regiment, part of 203rd Infanterie Division: ... sion_(WK1)

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