Cast iron hakenkreutz ? Never seen before!

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Cast iron hakenkreutz ? Never seen before!

Post by paveu27 » 18 Mar 2020 01:05

Hi All,
this is a solid cast iron item, about 12cm high, 7x7cm base, not big but quite heavy. According to the owner it was probably made in The Royal Prussian Iron Foundry. Apparently an item from a desk of some nazi VIP in occupied Poland.
Any ideas what the hell this might be and how much it can be worth?
Never seen such a thing made of solid iron....
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Re: Cast iron hakenkreutz ? Never seen before!

Post by von thoma » 19 May 2020 01:19

If it's a real item ( really I don't know this ) is related with Reichsarbeitsdienst ( RAD ) Org. insignia ( A digging shovel )
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