What is this C. G. Haenel Bayonet

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What is this C. G. Haenel Bayonet

Post by thejordan » 17 Nov 2022 23:37

Hey all,
I have an early Imperial German, Prussian, or German WW1 (I'm not very sure) era bayonet made by C. G. Haenel in Suhl, Germany. I'm not sure about the style, name, or what rifle it would have been paired with, if anyone has an information on a specific year, style, or anything along those lines, it would be greatly appreciated! On the outside of the blade it appears to have a crown symbol with "0 04" on it. It comes with a leather scabbard.
Thank you!
- Jordan
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Re: What is this C. G. Haenel Bayonet

Post by Hans1906 » 18 Nov 2022 14:06

Hi thejordan

You should also find all information on Mr. Hugo Schürer's website:

Bajonettsammlung Hugo Schürer: http://schuerer-pku.de/HS/

It is the most complexe and best German website about this topic, you will find there a lot of information for your search...
There are similarly good sites, this was and is the best German-language website on this topic.

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Re: What is this C. G. Haenel Bayonet

Post by von thoma » 18 Nov 2022 23:34

Hello thejordan :

Welcome to AHF.

No need to go to other sites to tell you something about your bayonet...

It's a Seitengewehr M1898 Long, fix in Mauser 98 Gewehrs

Some things can be seen, it hasn't the guard part, * the grips seems to be not original, during the duration of World War I,
due to a shortage of leather, slings were produced out of canvas, in general his bayonet it is very spoiled....

* Could be for use in other countries
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