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bob lembke
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My grand-father's career

Post by bob lembke » 10 Feb 2005 08:44

Dear "Mad Zeppelin";

Thank you for your kind words. I really did not understand anything about my grand-father's unusual career until I got feedback from the experts on this and another forum.

My father said that the poisoning of his father was well-known, and that a baron with no offspring wanted to adopt my father and his sister, and they were actually living on the Rittergut. I have a postcard addressed to my father on the Rittergut dated 1899. But my father's mother would not allow the adoption. So this situation probably created sympathy. My grand-father did not have his wife criminally prosecuted for poisoning him, but sued her in a civil lawsuit, and suddenly he was much richer, as she seemed to be rather rich.

My grandfather was supposedly very smart, and capable, and so he probably was rewarded for his service. It really seems unusual that he was promoted to Zeug=Major when he left the service, as he had been a Feuerwerk=Offizier for 26 years before. But there was no Feuerwerk=Major rank, and he had been a Feuerwerk=Hauptmann for 16 years. So you are right, they could be flexible when they wanted, despite the many rules and traditions.

Please post any other observations in regard to his career. I am trying to make contact with the two family menbers that are alive but that knew him. He was highly respected in the family, who were ordinary farmers in Swetisch, a village some km. south-east of Frankfurt am Oder. Every second weekend he left Berlin and spent the weekend on the family farm. The men of the family usually served in 3. Uhlan (1. brandenburgische) Regiment.

Please post any other observations that you have on his career. I thank you for any expert input.

Gruss aus Philadelphia,

Bob Lembke

The Argus
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Post by The Argus » 11 Feb 2005 16:16

Indeed thats a lot of detailabout a very 'different' man. BZ bob.

The Iraqi theory on Bull's assasination is quite straightforward. Bull had a lot of trouble keeping his mouth shut on professional/technical matters, if asked the right questions in a comfortable atmosphere by people he saw as friends, he'd spill anything he was working on. He'd had a long term relationship with Israel for many years and they were useing him as a source not only on technical matters but as a man inside Iraqi's special programs. They didn't want him dead at all.

The Iraqi's on the other hand had his supergun program in the final stages with all of the paperwork done and just waiting on the hardware, and had been useing him as a consultant on other stuff, like their missile program. He was a leaking tap who they thought had alrady done his job for them so bye-bye.


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