Gas Mask Canister

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Gas Mask Canister

Post by cannon » 22 Mar 2002 07:25

Was there more than one size of Combat issue gas mask canister? Ive seen shorter ones and someone said that they were a civil defence issue and that some canisters and masks where even sold to the public. Just wondering if the shorter style was used in combat. Ive looked at many pictures and its hard to really tell but i do see alot of the longer versions. I realize that there must have been a number of different makers and they might have has slightly different designs. If anyone has any info it would be great.

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Kent Berg
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Post by Kent Berg » 22 Mar 2002 17:03

There were many styles of cannisters used during the war, not counting pre-war, and post WWI. Usually, the armed forces wore only the military issue cans, but photos exist showing the Luftshultz cannisters worn, they were a bit shorter in length, same rough style though. The use and wear of gasmask was top on the list of the High Command, so they strayed little in there use, or wear. A Lot of what you see sold, being sold as combat ones are actually Luftshultz ones, the cans are a few inches shorter, same diameter round and come in various colors. Some have different flutted desgined on the sides that give them away.

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Post by Webley » 27 Mar 2002 20:53

Interesting subject!

I believe that the Luftwaffe also used the shorter version gasmask canister, not only the members of the Luftschutz (or am I totally wrong?)

I have a gasmask in a short (25cm) version canister with an eagle and swastikka ink mark and the date "1937" located on the underside of the canister. Is this the most common type of marking? Also shold there be any other type of marking i.e serial no or manufacturer initials, if so where are these normally located?

The gasmask itself, has a grey type of filter with a paper band round the bottom, this is partially torne in places, so it not possible to read all the info on it. But I can make out: "(something) und Nebel Filter 620" and a triangle with a type of "W" (or similar inside) Does any one know if this is a "special" type of filter? As I believe the most common type is of a green colour.

Any information on this subject is most appreciated!

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Simon H
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Post by Simon H » 20 May 2002 16:08

The inked eagle is common as this indicates that it has passed inspection by the Waffenamt. The three letter makers marks, if there are any on the container can sometimes be found on the catch mechanism. Perhaps you can post scans of your example on the forum, or else send them to me.

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