Recommended reading on China at War 1895-1949

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Re: Recommended reading on China at War 1895-1949

Postby Stephen_Rynerson » 18 Apr 2017 05:58

Orwell1984 wrote:
Stephen_Rynerson wrote:Any thoughts on whether this is worth picking up if one already owns Jowett's Soldiers of the White Sun and China at War?

I have both those other titles as well and after looking through this new book, I think it's a worthwhile purchase as well as it looks indepth at some earlier conflict.
Some sample chapter headings "Crush them all in a single blow"; The central plains war of 1929; "The forbidden province"; Jehol 1933; War in the Western provinces 1928-37; Iron determination: The Suiyan Campaign 1936-7

All in all looks like it was a good purchase.

Thanks for the prompt response! I'll definitely take a closer look at it.

keith A
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Re: Recommended reading on China at War 1895-1949

Postby keith A » 04 May 2017 12:19

Ok Firebird67. I just saw your title and after a brief look through Amazons "look inside" it looks "the bizness" :) The reviews on Amazon and here on this forum are very favourable so I have parted with my hard-earned cash it's on it's way to me. I am looking forward to it. The Chinese army in WW2 needs a lot more coverage in English. My last purchase was "Famine, sword and fire", which I enjoyed but was disappointed that many of the photographs were distorted film images.



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