The Sino-Japanese War(Campaigns in detail)

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Re: The Sino-Japanese War(Campaigns in detail)

Post by manfredzhang » 24 May 2021 21:55

tigre wrote:
07 Aug 2016 21:22

According to this Japanese source ...... as against 85,000 Japanese killed.

What Japanese sources said 85K killed?

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Re: The Sino-Japanese War(Campaigns in detail)

Post by tigre » 08 Jul 2021 21:58

Hello manfredzhang :D; sorry for this delay, but I'm away of home; regarding your question see below..........
[Der Konflikt in Ostasien.] Major General T. von Lerch. Review of the Sino-Japanese War from 15 June to 15 September 1940.

On 7 July 1940 the Press Section of the Imperial Japanese GHQ released a review of the Japanese successes in China during the three-year period of hostilities.
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