Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War

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Sino-Japanese War and the Pacific War

Post by krimsonglass51 » 25 Feb 2007 21:01

Why is it that there are people who consider China's fight with Japan (post-Pearl Harbor-1945) to be a separate conflict from the rest of the Pacific Theater?
After all, China declared war on the Axis, sent troops to fight in Burma, and Chiang Kai Shek was appointed supreme commander of Allied forces in China.

Jerry Asher
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Post by Jerry Asher » 27 Feb 2007 01:07

Hi krimsonglass:

I feel your question is right on the mark. The fact the resources from South China,
were able to be diverted to Burma, a strategic buffer for India was of great significance,
particularly to Britain.
By definition, those same resources were not available to Jiang for any other move he might have contemplated.
The divisions he sent to Burma, with their equipment, were good divisions, and as he said to Stillwell, not easlily replaced.
As I understand it, only three of the thirty Chinese divisions then trained in India, 1942-45 actually went through the entire year's trainning cycle. In that regard the aggregate, strenghtening of the Chinese may not have been that large--hump flights and all.

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