March Politics Bureau Meeting

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March Politics Bureau Meeting

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March Politics Bureau Meeting,Consummate the Central Leaders' Institution.

From 16th,March to 20th,1943, In Yan'an Rectification progression, in order to meet the international anti-fascist war and a major turning point in the recovery of the party's leadership in the development of the enemy situation, the need for anti-Japanese battlefields Strengthening the party's centralized leadership, the CPC Central Committee held the famous "March Politics Bureau Meeting"in Yanan, after the Sixth Plenary Session of the 16th party Central leadership for a larger restructuring and streamlining.

People who attended to the meeting were: Mao Zedong, Ren Mishi, Zhu De, Kangsheng, Kai Feng, Bo Gu, Deng Fa, Zhang Wentian, Yang Shangkun, Peng Zhen,Gao Gang, Ye Jianying, total are 13.

"March Politics Bureau Meeting",which was followed the Zunyi Meeting,completed rectified "leftist" dogmatism error of Wang Ming, further highlight and identify the position of Mao Zedong in Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, member of the leadership, restructuring and streamlining of the central authorities, effectively strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the central government for the enactment of the "Resolution on Certain Questions in the History," The Seventh Party Congress convened. ideologically unified party organization and laid the foundation for the party's history is a very important meeting.

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