Hainan Island/Naval District

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Hainan Island/Naval District

Post by Jerry Asher » 04 Mar 2007 17:50

I'm intrested in the development of Hainan Island in South China as a Naval District by the IJN after its seizure in Jan/ Feb 1939. It seems to have been used as a staging area for the Nanning Operations Nov. 1939--Nov 1940 in South China
Occupation of Northern French Indo-China in 1940
Occupation of Southern French Indo China in 1941
Invasion of Malaya 1941
Invasion of the Dutch East Indies 1942 and

as part of the defensive perimeter of 1941-45, functioning as a assembly and staging area for convoys.

In general my interest is Naval including seaplanes and air units relating to command of the sea. (I suspect that there may also be a thread relating to POW's as Japan exploited the iron ore and copper resources of the Island).

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