Yan'an Rectification Movement during Anti-Japan War

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Yan'an Rectification Movement during Anti-Japan War

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There are three basic stages in Yan'an Rectification Movement

From May 1941 to February, 1942,is the preparatory stage for whole party of the rectification Movement . They focus on the tudy the theory of Marxism-Leninism in party's cadres, raise the level of awareness. Mao Zedong in Yanan senior conference did the report of "transformat our study," which exposited the Marxism-Leninism with the practice of the Chinese revolution on the principle of combining criticized subjective study. called on the whole party to focus on research, establish a Marxist style of combining theory and practice. To carry out the rectification campaign was ideological mobilization. Then, the Party Central Committee has adopted the "decision on enhancing the Party," "research on the decision," called on the whole party to carry out investigations and studies, and adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, in terms of ideology, politics overcome negative tendencies and organizational style.

From February 1942 to October 1943, is the general rectification stage, and focused on to organize cadres to study Marxism, Leninism, cleaning up the wrong way of thinking and style. February 1, 1942. Mao Zedong at the opening ceremony of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee made the "rectify the party's work style," the report, rectify the party style. straighten out the study, called for the rectification of writing. February 8, Mao Zedong once again "against Dangbagu" at the meeting. This profoundly expounded on the two reports, and that the rectification movement, the party marks the start of the rectification movement. April 3, The Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee adopted the "decision of the Central Committee and Comrade Mao Zedong in Yanan to discuss a report on the rectification three wind" Rectification Movement for the purpose, methods and steps clear. Rectification of the party decided to study the 22 documents These include Mao Zedong's "rectify the party's work style," "Oppose Dangbagu" "the transformation of learning," "oppose liberalism" "Correcting the mistake of thinking," Liu Shaoqi, "On the Self" Chen Yun "How to Be a member of the Communist Party."

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