Yan Men Guan Ambush

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Yan Men Guan Ambush

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October in 1937, after the Japanese occupation of Da Tong, continue southward invasion to Taiyuan .In order to assort the recovery to the Guo Min Party army.He Long commander of No. 120 Division of the Eighth Route Army Brigade 716th regiment of 358 Japanese force's depth in a broad arms County, Yanmenguan Taihe Davis, and destroy by Datong County, the Highway Taiyuan fought against Japanese convoys. Japanese supply lines are cut off. Long-person 716th regiment He Bingyan, Liao Hansheng, member of the political response to the divisional headquarters, say to them : "440,000 campaign is under way, fought to keep the enemy from Datong by Yanmenguan ammunition, supplies, This is one of the most important transport routes Japanese. However, they herself, believing that the area has become their rear. No Chinese military, security negligence. you go there is to take full advantage of the weakness of the Japanese, mobilize the masses, Devils to come to a sudden attack of this transport routes cut off. "

120 Mission of Eighth Army cut off by the Japanese division of the Eighth Route Army fought from Datong to the transport and supply lines. Meanwhile blow to the 115th Division of the Japanese army in Yuxian County, to transport and supply lines, 440,000 Japanese attack munitions, cut off oil supply to the brink offensive frustrated. Fought battle after battle in the front line commander Wei Lihuang Zhou Enlai once said : "Eighth Route Army enemy has cut off several posterior. We fought on the military front of great help. "Mao Zedong in the" anti-Japanese guerrilla war strategy, "this book also highly appraised, he said : "there is a guerrilla war with its role in the campaign. For example : Taiyuan fought campaign in northern, north-south Yanmenguan guerrilla warfare, sabotage Tongpu rail cars Pingxingguan Road, Yangfangkou road vehicles, The campaign played a coordinating role, is a great one. "http://www.tvsc.cn/zhonghuaxen/jszdnr.php?newsid=4063

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