Yangzi River Operations 1937

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Yangzi River Operations 1937

Post by Jerry Asher » 18 Mar 2007 00:49

Hi everyone:

I think I have much of my narrative ready covering the advance of the IJN upriver from Shanghai to Nanjing durring the first half of December.

1st minesweeping group
W 1 through W 6
2nd minesweeping group
Amaship M
Mamiya M
Yuki M
Takasago M
Ataka M
Tamazono M's # 1, 2, 3
3rd minesweeping
Hachiman M
Hakata M 1,2,3,6,7
Take Maru--store ship/mother ship/ Other?
Sumiyoshi M tug
Kamikawa Maru as seaplane tender
DesDiv 24
plus Yaeyama and the usually ships of Force 11 the Yangzi flotilla of the IJN, including the DD's Hasu, Kuri and Tsuga

If anyone can upgrade please feel free. I have a note regarding a possible Tenen M--no data. and there certainly are other auxilaries around to help with the salvage ops in Shanghai, etc. Still not happy with maps of Chinese scuttled ships and location relative to mine fields.

The bombing of the Panay and other ships from Dec 5th on, would benefit from another look, and I am unclear as to IJN river gunboats except for Dec 2 through 9.

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