Burna:Deployment of Chinese forces 1942

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Burna:Deployment of Chinese forces 1942

Post by Jerry Asher » 03 Sep 2007 02:27

Chinese and British talks in February 1941 led to thinking (I'm not sure agreement insn't too strong a word) that 10 Chinese forces (divisions) would be made available for the defense of Burna.

When on Dec 8th & 9th Jiang spoke to British rep to implment the idea, the British responded that only a single regiment of Chinese troops could be accomodated.

When did the British agree to entrance of Chinese forces? after fall of Singapore
on Feb 15th? what date?

When did Chinese forces get orders to move to Burma? As per thread on 200th
Div arrives Tougoo on March 8th.

My understanding that eight other formations actually arrive to help, I have the 6th, 55th, 38th, 200th, 22nd and 96 Divisions. Can anyone fill in dates and units.

Seems to me that time frame of Chinese fighting is always out of sync with British and American perceptions of the war. Thus Chinese are defending Changsha in late Dec 41 and early 42, and fighting in March 42 during times ignored because of Japanese success against the British and Americans at that time.
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Post by Michael Emrys » 03 Sep 2007 05:28

You might try Stillwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-1945 by Barbara Tuchman. I don't have my copy in front of me, but as I recall, she goes into all this in some detail in the chapters on Burma.


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Oob sites

Post by asiaticus » 03 Sep 2007 07:55

This site has a pretty accurate list for all sides of the struggle except for the Thai.

http://homepages.force9.net/rothwell/bu ... dersof.htm

For Thailand see:


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