Need ID Chinese artillery

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Re: Need ID Chinese artillery

Post by YC Chen » 20 Nov 2016 13:57

I checked the document again and found that I have misinterpreted part of it. The report only mentioned that six prototypes of "7.5cm two-part barrel gun"(七生的五两节式陆炮) were built by Hanyang Arsenal, and said that they can be moved by pack animals just like mounatin guns. It does not say that they were based on Krupp field gun - another part of the report is devoted to the Krupp field guns being built in Hanyang and I mixed them up.

So I think it is highly possible that this is one of the "7.5cm two-part barrel gun". However the information on it is still, like many other artillery pieces designed and made at Chinese national arsenals in 1910s and early 1920s, extremely scarce.

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