Zheng Mingxin (郑明新)

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Zheng Mingxin (郑明新)

Post by keith A » 24 Jul 2013 17:58

Is this the same Colonel Chen Ming-jen who is identified as the commander of the 112th regiment in Burma 1944? When I look for this name it brings up Chen Mingren, whom I know as the commander of an army in 1944.



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Re: Zheng Mingxin (郑明新)

Post by Edward Chen » 26 Jul 2013 00:11

These are three different commanders

Cheng Ming-hsin [鄭明新|郑明新; Zheng Mingxin], NRA Major-General; rose through the ranks of and held commands mainly within 52nd Army [sic], serving as:
CO 146th Regiment from 25th Division's 73rd Brigade
1938: COS (MGEN) 52nd Army's 2nd Division.
1942: COS Ninth Group Army.
1943.04: CO 52nd Army's 195th Division.
1945.04: XO 52nd Army.
1946.04: Member of the 29th Team of the Military Executive Committee overseeing the attempted but ultimately-doomed ceasefire brokered by US General George C. Marshall between the Chinese Nationalists and Communists.
1947: Chief of forward HQ, 52nd Corps.
1948.02.25: Captured by PLA during defection of NRA forces in Yingkou, Liaoning.


The names of the two other commanders can both be romanized as Ch'en Ming-jen [Chen Mingren]; they share the same surname, with given names differing by character only (they also share the same accent and hence the same Mandarin pronunciation).

Ch'én Míng-jén [陳鳴人; Chén Míngrén] (1910-1984), NRA Major-General: rose through the ranks of and held commands mainly within the Ministry of Finance Tax Police formations that became the New 38th Division of "X-Force" fame, as well as the division itself:
1941: CO (COL) New 38th Division's 112th Regiment.
1944: Received US military Silver Star decoration.
1945: XO (MGEN), New 38th Division.
1946: CO New 38th Division (still under New 1st Army [sic]).
1948.10.17: Still commanding New 38th Division (now under New 7th Corps) in Changchun, Jilin (Manchuria) when they surrendered to PLA forces during the epic Liao-Shen Campaign. Because at that time the Chinese Communists did not have an official policy in effect regarding the mass processing of captured NRA personnel, many NRA commanders captured during the Liao-Shen Campaign, including MGEN Ch'en, were able to escape to Nationalist lines and made their way to Taiwan or elsewhere.
1950: Reached Taiwan.
1955: Implicated (by association of his New 1st Army service) and imprisoned in the aftermath of ROC Army C-in-C General Sun Li-jen's dismissal and house arrest on unsubstantiated charges of conspiracy to overthrow the Chiang regime.
1975: Released from prison.
1984.02.07: Died of illness in Taipei, Taiwan, ROC.


Ch'én Míng-jén [陳明仁; Chén Míngrén] (1903-1974), NRA Lt-General and later PLA General (上将; shangjiang): One of the members of the famous Huangpu (Whampoa) Central Military Academy 1st Class (1924), MGEN Ch'en commanded 71st Army [sic] in "Y-Force" at the same time COL Ch'en commanded 112th Regiment in "X-Force":
1936.02.07: Promoted to Major-General
1938.06: CO Reserve 2nd Division.
1941.11: XO 71st Army.
1943: Completed Command Training Course, including special American-hosted course in Calcutta with 71st Army command staff.
1944: Acting CO 71st Army.
1945.06: Official CO 71st Army.
1947.11.19: Promoted to Lt-General.
1949.08.04: As Hunan Provincial Government Acting Chairman, Ch'en and General Cheng Ch'ien [程潛; Cheng Qian] announced their defection to the Communists. (To be elaborated upon later.)


Hope this helps,

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Re: Zheng Mingxin (郑明新)

Post by keith A » 26 Jul 2013 08:43

Thanks Edward, It has to be the second guy, as you show. I expect you have seen the picture of him on a horse in the Chinese Army in India. I followed your links and using the translator I can now do a bit more to find out about the men and units of the NRA.

Many, many thanks


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Re: Zheng Mingxin (郑明新)

Post by Aisingioro » 12 Sep 2013 05:45

郑明新Zheng Mingxin

1935.05.18 陆军步兵中校 lieutenant colonel of infantry
1945.02.20 陆军少将 Major general

陈明仁Chen Mingren

1936.02.07 陆军少将 Major general
1947.11.19 陆军中将 Lieutenant general
1955.09.27 上将(解放军) General(PLA)

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