Clash of the Warlords

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Clash of the Warlords

Post by Sinophile » 23 Aug 2013 06:12

Someone posted on the forum that the DVD 直奉大战 (Clash of the Warlords) was actually a condensed version of a TV series?

I have a 2-disc DVD Chinese edition. I think it is the complete film. Can anyone confirm?

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Re: Clash of the Warlords

Post by oirob » 10 Sep 2013 08:27


as far as I know the two DVD are the whole film. Unfortunately I have only the first DVD.
But the whole film can be seen on the internet as well, on this Chinese web page:

Total length 180 min.
Great film, by the way, I wish there was a version with English subtitles.


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