Chinese "Siegfried Line" Any Info?

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Chinese "Siegfried Line" Any Info?

Post by hselassi » 10 Sep 2013 05:04

CKS's German advisors planned a defensive line (what little I have found out it was either north of the Yangtze or between the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers) similar to the WWI Siegfried Line (trenches with pillboxes, bunkers, and artillery positions). As far as I know, only the segments south of Shanghai and between Shanghai and Nanking were in the process of being built and were manned by warlord troops (i.e. not KMT Central Army) not fully trained in holding fortified lines when they were overrun by Japanese troops in 1937.

Is this correct? Does any member have more information? Is there a webpage (preferably English/Spanish/German, but I can fight my way through a Chinese/Japanese site using an online translator) with more information (maps/plans would be great)?

/s/ Harry

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Re: Chinese "Siegfried Line" Any Info?

Post by Stephen_Rynerson » 10 Sep 2013 05:14

At least one prior thread here: ... &p=1407394

ADDENDUM: Try also searching for "Seeckt Line" in Google. There are a number of Chinese sites that come up with that search term, although I don't know off-hand how useful they are.

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