US marines in China - Unusual tank

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US marines in China - Unusual tank

Post by GrumpyOldMan_Oz » 08 Nov 2013 01:22


First post so be gentle.

I came across this site as I was poking around the internet looking for information on 1920s, 1930s China, in particular US Marines:- ... -essay.htm

The page has two photos of a tank which appears to be on a flat car in China:-



I've had a reply from the author of the article:-
Hi Victor,
Good question. One retired Marine tank commander friend of mine surmised it might be one of the experimental tanks made by J. Walter Christie. The problem is that the tank historians at Quantico don't think it's American, and that's supported by the label on the back written by my grandfather: "Tank used by Chinese forces." But then who made it? I wonder if we'll ever know.
Damien Cregeau
I've posted these pics on various fora to see if I can get any information but nothing concrete has appeared yet. Does anybody here have any thought on this tank?

Thanks for any information, Cheers


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Re: US marines in China - Unusual tank

Post by YC Chen » 08 Nov 2013 10:45

In fact this tank(but only with the first photo) has been discussed on this forum before: ... 6&start=45

So thanks for the second photo!

According to the caption on the album on eBay, this tank was indeed not property of US Marines, but owned by warlord Zhang Zongchang's army. I have also post its photo on Landships forum, and it seems that people on both forums could not determine what it is. Someone on Landships has suggested that it might be a dummy tank.

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