Northern Expedition Corps

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Northern Expedition Corps

Post by Jerry Asher » 20 Jan 2014 00:05

Does anyone have a list (Spreadsheet) of the Corps of the National Revolutionary Army (July 1, 1926 to July 1, 1927)? First a quick comment--There is a difference between the English language useage, Army is one or more corps, corps is one or more divisions, divisions are one or more regiments, regiments are one or more battalions, battalions are one or more companies or batteries. Translations of Chinese units seem less rigid--Corps can be Army and in personnel 2,000 to 20,000. Thus the National Revolutionary Army of 1926-1929 can be for example the 5th Corps, 2 Divisions with a total of 8,000 men or the 8th Corps with 20,000 estimate as of July 21st.

In particular I am interested in all Corps created after July 19th, 1926 that would be the 9th Corps, and 10th Corps up to whatever. I have the 14th Corps being created possible in September 1926, and the 17th Corps being created in October 1926. Be nice to have date of creation, commanding officer, size and whatever other notes. By March 1927 there are over thirty designated Corps. Many thanks everyone.

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