Guominjun Order of Battle?

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Guominjun Order of Battle?

Post by Stephen_Rynerson » 14 Sep 2014 17:31

Does anyone have a breakdown of the Guominjun (国民军) order of battle, the commanders for each element, and for the later created armies the date they were formed? Below is what I've been able to assemble so far, principally from Chinese Warlord: The Career of Feng Yu-hsiang by James E. Sheridan (1966). I'm most interested in the constituent elements of the Guominjun First Army (also known as the Northwest Army (西北軍)) because it relates to my inquiries in the Gansu Uprising thread, but any information is helpful. Thank you in advance.

"Original" Guominjun Armies (organized pre-1925):

First Army (originally commanded by Feng Yuxiang himself; later commanded by Liu Yufen?)
  • 7th Division (organized September 1925; originally commanded by Ma Hongkui)
Second Army (originally commanded by Hu Jungyi; later commanded by Yue Weijun?)

Third Army (originally commanded by Sun Yue; later commanded by Song Zheyuan?)

Later Created Guominjun Armies:

Fourth Army (organized 1925?; originally commanded by ???, commanded by Ma Hongkui as of January 1927)

Fifth Army (organized 1926?)

Sixth Army (organized ???)

Seventh Army (organized ???)

EDIT: Information about Ma Hongkui's participation added. (I had overlooked that Chinese Muslim Militarist: Ma Hongkui in Ningxia, 1933-1949 by John T. Topping (1983) has information about Guominjun units that Ma commanded.)

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Re: Guominjun Order of Battle?

Post by YC Chen » 15 Sep 2014 11:37

Have checked out a book on Guominjun on the bookshelf behind my computer :lol: ...

The OOB of the first Army of Guominjun underwent numerous changes during the years so it takes time to learn about and translate everything... Here is the OOB at the time of Feng going to the Soviet Union in 1926(from a memoir article, so can't gauarantee that there isn't mistakes):

Guomin 1st Army commander: Feng Yuxiang

1st Division commander Han Fuju(韩复榘)

2nd Division commander Liu yufen(刘郁芬) later Sun Liangcheng(孙良诚)

3rd Division commander Zheng Jinsheng(郑金声)

4th Division commander unknown

5th Division commander Shi Jingting(石敬亭)

6th Division commander Shi Yousan(石友三)

7th Division commander Ma Hongkui(马鸿逵) - not a direct relation of Feng

8th Division commander Tang Zhidao(唐之道) - not a direct relation of Feng

9th Division commander Men Zhizhong(门致中)

10th Division commander Liu Ruming(刘汝明)

11th Division commander Tong Linge(佟麟阁)

12th Division commander Jiang Hongyu(蒋鸿遇)

Artillery Division(it is really amazing that Feng's army had an artillery division as early as 1926) commander Sun Lianzhong(孙连仲)

Independent Brigade commander Feng Zhian(冯治安)

P.S. Chinese Warlord - The Career of Feng Yu-hsiang is the first English book I read on Chinese warlord. It is really an amazing book and one of the best book telling the story of a Chinese warlord in any language, even it is written over 30 years ago.

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Re: Guominjun Order of Battle?

Post by Stephen_Rynerson » 15 Sep 2014 14:23

Thank you very much, YC Chen! :thumbsup:

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