Chinese Pilots--CATF/CACW

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Chinese Pilots--CATF/CACW

Post by dusty_shelf » 08 Jun 2015 18:26

One Yuan note signed by more than a dozen Chinese and two American pilots. I believe they were with the CATF or the CACW. The only pilot I have found referenced is Lt. C.H. Yang. In an online memoir, he is mentioned as having flown as wingman to a Lt. Eugene McGuire. This was in July 1943. Any help fully identifying the names (some are in Chinese only) and perhaps the unit is greatly appreciated.

The difficulty in researching this piece is I may not have the correct spelling of some names. More so, the order in which the surname and initials are placed give different results. Most of these names are very common and it is all but impossible to find anything among the hundreds or thousands of search results.
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