Vickers 6 Ton in action at Shanghai 1937

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Vickers 6 Ton in action at Shanghai 1937

Post by PassandReviewofWW2 » 31 Aug 2016 20:36

The Vickers model appeared available in two configurations, of two turrets housings or one turret housing mounting a main gun and machine gun.
Versions A and B.
Taking the crash course of on the job training Chinese Crews managed to learn the aspects of Armored Operation, in the confusing Street fighting in Shanghai. Prior to this time frame, modern mechanized warfare was not a common occurrence that could be studied , applied and practiced.
The Vickers model, approx 1928 design spurred a number of other Nations Tank Designs based on the VIckers.
At Shanghai, the Chinese had several Vickers models mounting a main gun and coaxial Machine Gun, a very innovative idea , at the time.
During the street fighting , Chinese troops, not trained or practiced in modern tactics, watched the tanks waiting for them to clear out Japanese
Strong Points. The Chinese Tanks under constant fire from Japanese Machine Guns and Infantry Guns fared poorly.

Reference Shanghai 1937 Stalingrad on the Yangtze Peter Harmsen

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Re: Vickers 6 Ton in action at Shanghai 1937

Post by L1E1 » 01 Sep 2016 05:52

The Nanking Central Government launched 3 purchase orders, 12-4-4, to stock up 20 early production run 6 Tonners. The first 12 and the middle 4 were ordered as Alt B, but the last 4 were ordered as Alt A. Nevertheless the Central Government add an additional cost of GBP5,700.00 to upgrade the last 4 as Alt B with Marconi radios.

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