Looking for info on 'Kwangtung Naval Command'

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Looking for info on 'Kwangtung Naval Command'

Post by Hama » 07 Nov 2017 14:45

I was wondering if someone could help me get more info on this subject.

In the book 'Rays of the Rising Sun' by Philip Jowett it says that the Wang Jingwei regime had a "Kwangtung Naval Command" in southern China with a strength of 1000 men and 7 shallow-draught gunboats. Jowett lists Kan Chee Yuen as commander-in-chief and Chan Bun as commander of Naval Defence. He also says that on November 30 1941 the "Canton River Garrison" was reorganised and became the "Canton Harbour Garrison" with the task of helping the Japanese Navy patrol the southern Chinese coastline. According to Jowett there was a Nanking Government publication which claimed that "several cruisers, gunboats, and speedboats were put under the control of the Canton Harbour Garrison."

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the names or details of any of the vessels under command of the "Canton Harbour Garrison" or "Kwangtung Naval Command", or much info about the personnel of this force. Does anyone have info on this?

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