1937 Battle of Shanghai

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1937 Battle of Shanghai

Post by South » 10 Feb 2019 10:54

https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/ ... d-be-44037

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Per ...

Some historians refute the labels to the general Western time line such as "training ground period" and contend that the Great War-Part 2 (WWII) started with Mukden Incident, 18 Sept 31. The antecedent was the Ru-Ja War of 1904-05. Many of the world's leadership establishments (eg political, the military, the business communities) knew this.

Article mentions "international settlement".

Note again that the article is about the battle for Shanghai, July - November, 1937. Recall that on 12 December, 1937, the USS Panay was attacked by Japanese forces while anchored on the Yangtze River near Nanjing. The US was just not ready for war.

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