Russian emigre soldiers in KMT army?

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Russian emigre soldiers in KMT army?

Post by koczownik » 03 Apr 2019 22:25

I think it is fairly well known about the White Russian emigres who served in Manchukuo Army during the Sino-Japan War. But I am curious, are there any records of Russian emigres serving on the other side, in the KMT forces during the Sino-Japan War? And what about during the 1945-49 fighting between KMT and CCP?
There were many emigre soldiers in Chinese warlord armies during 1920s-30s, and many of these warlord armies eventually were absorbed into nominal KMT control after the Northern Expedition, so I would not be surprised if some Russian emigre soldiers were likewise absorbed under the Chinese Nationalist government. But, I have not heard any details about this.

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Re: Russian emigre soldiers in KMT army?

Post by Stephen_Rynerson » 01 Jun 2019 17:31

Koczownik, in my own research I've come across no references to Russian emigres serving as soldiers in NRA (KMT/GMD) units the way that they served in the Manchukuoan army or the forces of Zhang Zuolin, Zhang Zongchang,and Jin Shuren/Sheng Shicai when they were independent warlords. The lack of any mention of such units in NRA service implies to me that at some point they were disbanded, but I don't know if that was because of an official policy against having such units or simply the result of a combination of attrition and insufficient new recruits to keep the units viable.

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